BloGitud : The Origin of The Moon

To explain the origin of the Moon, the most likely hypothesis is that it’s a result of a collision of Earth with a celestial body which had the size of Mars. According to two researchers from the University of Santa Cruz, this collision would have caused another moon , later, between the young moon and an orbiting companion. This would explain the appearance of the dark side of the moon.
Early in the Hadean, that is to say there are more than 4 billion years ago , a celestial body with the size of Mars, named after Theia, is colliding with the Earth. The iron core of Theia would have merged with that of the Earth but part of the mantle torn by a tangential impact, mixed with that of Theia, although at a very high temperature and form a debris disk, would eventually accreting to give the moon. It was explained this way why the moon is low in water and volatile elements, while having an isotopic composition reminiscent of the mantle of the Earth.

Numerical simulations on the formation of the planets are in favor of this hypothesis, which seems more likely that formation of the satellite away from Earth, followed by a subsequent capture.
But according to other simulations by Erik Asphaug and Martin Jutzi, University of California at Santa Cruz, other important events would also be passed shortly after the formation of the Moon across the evolution of the solar system of course. If the scenario proposed by the two researchers in a recent article in Nature (link given below) is correct, we would have the key to a mystery dating back to the observations of the Soviet probe Luna 3 in 1959. The pictures she showed, in fact, provided a striking contrast between the appearance of the dark side of the moon and his face, hard to explain.

Several hypotheses have been proposed since then. The last is the idea, supported by numerical simulations, that the Moon was not the only body in the vicinity of the accreting Earth.
A second Moon to Earth
Just as there is an asteroid that can be described as a trojan in the Lagrangian points of the Earth-sun, a small body with about 3% of the mass of the Moon would have formed from material common to Earth and Theia at the site of a Lagrange point of Earth-Moon system.
Still unstable, the orbit of the Trojan little body would have to collide after 100 million years with the dark side of the moon today. The collision would have been “soft”, only 8600 km / h. As a result, the small celestial body would have crashed by deforming by taking a little look like a pancake, covering one lunar hemisphere. This would cause the virtual absence of sea on the lunar far side of the moon‘s topography and higher.

One way to test this theory in the coming years there may be. In September, a NASA mission called the Grail should start towards Moon. Its purpose is to make gravity measurements of thin Moon. Solving what is called an inverse problem in geophysics, planetary scientists can deduce from the knowledge of the gravitational field of the moon a number of characteristics of its crust and its mantle. It is possible that we discover that they are exactly what one would expect in the scenario and Asphaug Jutzi.
We would then at least two moons were orbiting the Earth at some point in its history.

BloGitude : My Diet

Sometimes , you do your best to achieve some goals, but even after trying again and again, the goal you set remains unreachable , pushing you to let everything down .

But of course, you resist , and try again , hopping that this time it will work

This is my story with diets, I’ve always wanted to have a sexy good looking body , but it was a goal I never reached.

And what makes this goal even more difficult are it’s side effects

As you may all know, when you start a diet, you generally suffer from a luck of calories , which means  headaches , weakness and irritability . I personally really suffered from that, a situation that pushed me many times to stop my diet ?

But this was before I heard about the hcg diet ,I can imagine you in front of your screen asking yourself the question , what’s that?

it’s a very famous diet that has with no doubt proven its efficiency.

it’s my doctor who has given me the advice to start this diet , as it a very balanced diet that makes you lose weight without depriving yourself  from eating good things .

but the secret that makes this diet program work are the hcg drops .

and this was actually my main problem as didn’t know where I could find them .as I leave a bit far from the city .

but after making a little search on Google , you can’t imagine how easy it was for me to buy hcg

few months after I started the diet, the results are amazing , and believe me you should really try it.

but of course , nothing works without hardworking and perseverance, in addition to the diet, I had to do some exercise and avoid bad habits such as eating between meals .

BloGitud : Summer is coming ...

Winter has gone, the weather is getting warmer and I can feel the first summer glows ( I have this special skill to be the first to feel when the weather starts getting warmer as I spent 10 hours per day siting on my desk in the office ) , this raise of the temperature means it’s time to start thinking about where I’m going to go this summer (of course if I get vacation).

Where can I go this summer ? I need to go visit a special place, a place I’ve never been to before, I’ve heard about Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt so to have more information I searched on the net for Sharm El Sheikh Holidays and I can’t describe how beautiful is that place , especially as it’s in Egypt which I consider as one of the most beautiful countries in the world ,with its unique culture and the Egyptian people known for being very welcoming and cheerful .

But the problem is that while visiting that particular website , I’ve also found a lot of different destinations , and each destination is so beautiful that it makes you forget the others especially in cyprius and Mauritius .

So now I’m really confused, I don’t know whether I should go to Sharm El Sheikh , opt for Mauritius Holidays or go for Cyprus Holidays because all the three places are extremely beautiful , and deserve visiting them , and what makes the task of taking a decision a bit tougher , is the fact that all the three trips are very affordable .

But hey , I’m daydreaming about a trip while I’m sitting on the desk and the boss is yelling at me ,so maybe I should forget about the trip now and get back to work or I will both lose my job, and stay at home this summer .

BloGitud: Google Buzz and Privacy.

Google Buzz reconsiders how it protects privacy
After the controversy that followed the launch of Buzz Google, the Internet Group is redefining the rules of privacy settings.

The search engine is making all its efforts to improve the conditions for use of its Internet services.
To begin with the Google Buzz, a micro-blogging service , which had attracted the ire of many Internet just days after its launch, forcing the search engine to respond quickly.
To avoid further criticism of the unchecked spread of information, the Internet Group will set up a confirmation page.

In other words, google will ask the user to adjust the privacy settings and then choose the data he wants to publish or not.
Rather than automatically install the monitoring of people with whom we communicate by e-mail or chat, Google Buzz submits suggestions to manually confirm.

The user can also identify contacts who may or may not follow the discussions, manage ancillary services that can interconnect with your Google Account Buzz (Picasa, Twitter …).
In the U.S., the initial method has infuriated the Electronic Privacy Information Center, which had launched a procedure to Google Buzz to the Federal Trade Commission.
The Centre for Protection of Civil Rights on the Internet in particular considers that the way Google has launched Buzz is a flagrant violation of the Federal Law on Consumer Protection.
But now things seems to be changing .

BloGitud : The Bloom Box

The object is measuring only four inches but everyone is talking about it. The Bloom Box is a small cube that would be capable of producing electricity for a house via an electro-chemical reaction between oxygen and fuel (natural gas, biogas …). after eight long years of conception the start-up Bloom Energy came up with silicon box that differs from conventional fuel cell with its “solid oxide” technology. A Specificity that allows it to avoid the use of expensive materials – such as platinum – and makes it accessible to everyone.

right now the technology of Bloom Energy produces with the same quantity of carbon approximately twice as much electricity as a conventional thermal power plant. the difference of emission is around 20% for the most modern plants. Better still, the environmental asset of the Bloom box could be boosted by the use of biogas from the waste dumps , a solution already adopter for example by ebay , one of the first customers of the Californian start-up. Eventually, Bloom Energy could even use solar energy to make the chemical reaction of its fuel cell. But this won’t be possible before 2020.

Compete with wind and solar energy .

Despite these promises, Bloom Box is not immune to criticism. Bloom Energy has announced that the kilowatt-hours from the battery would be between 8 to 10 cents per dollar, less than electricity coal estimated at 11 cents per kilowatt hour on average, but specialist think that this is simply impossible.

Doubts are also on the commercial potential of the Box Bloom. According to some experts, the market for fuel cells for home will be attracting only after 10 years. Until then, the idea of Bloom Energy is therefore proposing large box to share with all residents of a neighborhood. Wal-Mart, Google, Fed-Ex and Coca-Cola already uses this type of “servers” to fulfill their electricity needs. Even if the price of this solution announced between 700 000 and 800 000 dollars, these companies have made thousands of dollars in savings on their electricity bills. Successful experiments have convinced Arnold Schwarzenegger to participate in the presentation of the Bloom Box. The Governor of California also added that this technology will revolutionize the energy industry.


BloGitud : Volkswagen Touareg 2010

No more big 4×4 that pollute our environment ! To avoid this caricature, the new Touareg is losing 208 kg and will be the first hybrid Volkswagen to be produced .
It is a matter of survival for the specie . More than for its capacity to cross, now the customer chose a 4×4 for its CO2 emissions to avoid penalty . The new Volkswagen Touareg was perfectly understood this fact .

wolsvagen announces a 20% reduction of fuel consumption on its new series and a hybrid version. Powered by a V6 engine with TSI gasoline direct injection, turbocharged by a compressor and developing 333 hp, the Touareg Hybrid is equipped with an architecture that allows it to evolve into an all-electric mode, but benefits from 379 hp .the new touareg reachs a top speed of 240 km / h and achieves the performance of 0 to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds.

But more than these fulgurant performances that do finally makes sense only on the German motorways, the Touareg Hybrid is illustrated by its consumption reduced by 25% compared to that of a Touareg V6 that disappears from the range in addition to the W12 and V10 TDI. The hybrid version will be completed by launching a V6 3.0 TDI of 240 hp and a V8 4.2 TDI of 340 hp. But let’s face it the Touareg does not worry the Lexus RX. A pioneer in terms of hybrid 4×4, the latter is leading with a low record of 148 grams per kilometer, but in terms of power the RX 450h offers “only” 299 hp and does not have a real wheel drive.

the new Touareg allows crossing. Supplied on its standard version with the differential auto blocking transmission Torsen (4MOTION) and can be completed with a package called Track & Field, which configures the ABS, ESP for a off-road configuration.

The front inherits the spirit initiated by the Golf VI, which has been gradually declined in all new models that have emerged since its introduction .
The interior is luxurious . The design of the dashboard is brilliant and has a huge GPS screen of 6.5 inch. The quality of materials can be felt on your first second on that car . As for modularity, it is worthy of the best minivans with a rear seat that can move about 16 cm and fall back automatically with a push of a button. From its long 4.80 m, the Touareg can accommodate from 580 to 1642 liters of capacity in the trunk.

The new Touareg is equipped with many high-tech equipment. Thus, depending on trim levels, the German SUV is equipped, among others with the system “Lane Assist” to maintain your lane in traffic, “Side Assist” to warn you the presence of a vehicle in a blind spot.


BloGitud : Nokia GPS for free !!!

The manufacturer Nokia, the first global seller of mobile phones, announced the free availability for its Smartphones of its navigation system and pedestrian traffic “Ovi Maps”. This service is now available for ten Nokia smartphones.

After Google, which recently offered its GPS system on its Droid OS, it’s now the turn for Nokia to offer free navigation services. The Finnish firm, which until now was charging for its mapping systems, has changed its strategy due to the growing number of users of GPS mobile . according to a study made by Nokia, the number of people worldwide using GPS on their cell reached 27 million in late 2009. By providing navigation services, Nokia believes it can potentially increase its user to about 50 million.
Users of Nokia smart phones can now download the new online version of Ovi Maps. It includes features of road and pedestrian navigation with voice guidance in 74 countries, 46 languages, traffic information in over 10 countries, as well as detailed maps covering over 180 countries.

The navigation includes pedestrian shortcuts through parks and pedestrian areas in over 80 cities worldwide and 6000 3D landmarks in over 200 cities to facilitate localization.
The cards can be preloaded on the Internet so the Ovi Cards can be used in offline mode and thus preserve the phone battery and reduce connection costs when traveling abroad.
Free Ovi Maps is available for 10 models of Nokia smart phones, including N97 mini, 5800 XpressMusic, and E72. Other terminals will be added soon

BloGitud : It's Snowing Man !!!

Is snowing man , hallelujah :D. Since few weeks Mother Nature has been wearing its beautiful white dress. Everyone seems to be happy and laughing , kids who are enjoying their vacations , are playing down the streets , some of them are throwing snowballs at each other while the others are trying to make a huge snowman that looks more like an ugly fat guy than a snowman.

Everyone seems to be enjoying his time , of course except me who had to pick up the car and go bring some food for the kids from a near shop , but this simple task that may look very easy to be achieved in normal days , is a real feat when it’s snowing, it can even kill you .

And what makes it even more difficult is the fact that my jeep doesn’t have snow grips , ( in fact I used to have them but god only knows where I put them or to whom I lent them) .

But as I couldn’t  stay blocked at home until someone brings them back , I had to act and find a solution , and the solution was only few clicks away , as snow grips are car accessories , the only thing I needed to do is to search on Google for the words jeep accessories , and I found all what I was looking for ,and for a very attractive price.

Now at least I can move and go where ever I want with my jeep , and be sure that my car won’t skid due to the snow .and it’s also a great investment as I’ll be able to use them for many years .

BloGitud : Do A Good Thing ... Get More Work !!!

A weeding is maybe the best moment in someone’s life , as it’s a bridge to a whole new life ,and the moment to settle down (especially for guys) :D .

The last week , my friend brad got married, and while he was preparing for his weeding , he contacted me  to have my point of view about some Keepsake Gifts , he asked me to find him the gift , that cost nothing but that will be the best reminder for the ceremony .

But let’s face it ,  I don’t have neither the time nor the patience to go and visit hundred of shops, looking for one hundred pieces of a cheap and unique gift .

I had to act and find a solution ,and  what I did is that I searched for Unique Gift Ideas on internet , and I found all what was looking for .

And more than that , I was able to make my  order online and it was delivered to my home .

My friend was so satisfied with the choice I made that he told me he will be pleased if I accepted to be the organizer of his sister weeding next month.

You see, sometimes finding the right gift is a  bad thing :( , it gives you more work .

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