BloGitud : The Origin of The Moon

To explain the origin of the Moon, the most likely hypothesis is that it’s a result of a collision of Earth with a celestial body which had the size of Mars. According to two researchers from the University of Santa Cruz, this collision would have caused another moon , later, between the young moon and [...]

BloGitude : My Diet

Sometimes , you do your best to achieve some goals, but even after trying again and again, the goal you set remains unreachable , pushing you to let everything down .

But of course, you resist , and try again , hopping that this time it will work

This is my story with diets, I’ve always wanted [...]

BloGitud : Summer is coming ...

Winter has gone, the weather is getting warmer and I can feel the first summer glows ( I have this special skill to be the first to feel when the weather starts getting warmer as I spent 10 hours per day siting on my desk in the office ) , this raise of the [...]

BloGitud: Google Buzz and Privacy.

Google Buzz reconsiders how it protects privacy
After the controversy that followed the launch of Buzz Google, the Internet Group is redefining the rules of privacy settings.

The search engine is making all its efforts to improve the conditions for use of its Internet services.
To begin with the Google Buzz, a micro-blogging service , which had attracted [...]

BloGitud : The Bloom Box

The object is measuring only four inches but everyone is talking about it. The Bloom Box is a small cube that would be capable of producing electricity for a house via an electro-chemical reaction between oxygen and fuel (natural gas, biogas …). after eight long years of conception the start-up Bloom Energy came up [...]

BloGitud : Volkswagen Touareg 2010

No more big 4×4 that pollute our environment ! To avoid this caricature, the new Touareg is losing 208 kg and will be the first hybrid Volkswagen to be produced .
It is a matter of survival for the specie . More than for its capacity to cross, now the customer chose a [...]

BloGitud : Nokia GPS for free !!!

The manufacturer Nokia, the first global seller of mobile phones, announced the free availability for its Smartphones of its navigation system and pedestrian traffic “Ovi Maps”. This service is now available for ten Nokia smartphones.

After Google, which recently offered its GPS system on its Droid OS, it’s now the turn for Nokia [...]

BloGitud : It's Snowing Man !!!

Is snowing man , hallelujah :D. Since few weeks Mother Nature has been wearing its beautiful white dress. Everyone seems to be happy and laughing , kids who are enjoying their vacations , are playing down the streets , some of them are throwing snowballs at each other while the others are trying to make a [...]

BloGitud : Do A Good Thing ... Get More Work !!!

A weeding is maybe the best moment in someone’s life , as it’s a bridge to a whole new life ,and the moment to settle down (especially for guys) .

The last week , my friend brad got married, and while he was preparing for his weeding , he contacted me  to have my [...]

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