Blogitude : Nokia N97

Everyone is talking about it, and everyone wants to know more about it , that’s why i’ve decided to write a bit about it so you can have a little idea about the new baby of the swedish phone manufacturer

it’s first at the MWC 2009 that Nokia had  announced the its new flagship phone  the [...]

BloGitud : Nokia Money

Nokia will launch in 2010 its financial service for mobile phones, Nokia Money, which will help you make transfers of money to pay your purchases or recharge your account from your terminal.

Nokia plays the card of diversification by investing in different areas of mobile services. The Finnish manufacturer has announced the upcoming launch of Nokia [...]

BloGitud : Samsumg N 510

Whether it’s an apple, a Sony , a Lenovo , or an Hp , laptops and especially netbooks have allowed us to reconcile between productivity and lightweight , few years before, who could have imagined that we’ll be able to work while we are on a trip or while having a dinner at a restaurant [...]