BloGitud : Google Chrome OS

Google has finally unveiled its future operating system, OS chrome. Largely inspired by its Web browser Chrome, the software is somewhat minimalist. Its goal? provide a lightweight, easy and free operating system to Netbooks, an OS that starts in a wink. Anders Sandholm, Google Chrome OS product manager is [...]

BloGitud : Facebook's Privacy

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account ??? everyone has one .
Facebook has in the last few years been able to provide to its users , a new way to discover internet , to make new friends and to share our lives.
But recently the whole world was just saying that facebook was not protecting the [...]

BloGitud : Thunderbird 3.0

The Mozilla Foundation has issued a release candidate version of Thunderbird 3.0. The mail client has as a main target to manage e-mails by integrating new tools for archiving and research.
the Release Candidate 1 of the email client Thunderbird 3.0,is based on the Gecko rendering engine as Firefox 1.9.1 and is available for download, [...]

BloGitud :The New Google Translator

Yep It’s official , A new version of Google Translate is available. This new version was announced in a video on Youtube and an article on the official Google blog. A new version that features a completely new look for this service. The menu is now on the left of the interface. Here is [...]

BloGitud : Windows 7

Ladies and gentlemen , Windows 7 is here .but as many of you still don’t know anything about it , let’s get back and take a look at the seven major innovations introduced by Microsoft’s new operating system.

The “super taskbar”

on Windows 7, the desktop features a new taskbar, a lot more intuitive than [...]

BloGitud : Sony Vaio X Series

If You are a businessman, always on the go ,and you are looking for the perfect companion for your trips … this article may interest may give you the answer you were looking for.
The new Sony VAIO X Series combines elegance, extreme mobility, usability and design.
With a weight starting at 780 g, the [...]

BloGitud : Crunchpad

This article is mainly dedicated to all those who think that in terms of tablets , only apple can create something interesting, this article is a proof that you are wrong .
A start-up from Singapore will launch a tablet PC powered by Linux and this in partnership with Techcrunch. And this to [...]

Blogitud : Microsoft Office 2010

Yep it’s official the new versions of Word, Excel, Publisher and the others finally landed on the planet of Internet. At the Worldwide Partners Conference, Microsoft lifted a corner of the veil on its new office suite Web. Not only the flagship software of Office 2010 will be available in free and if we can [...]