BloGitud Stories : An Advice For 2010 ?

2010 is just few days away , and it’s the most appropriate time to take some good resolutions .

The economic crisis has been one of the main things we will keep in mind from 2009 , but of course despite the all the bad effects that it  has left , a lot of new opportunities [...]

BloGitud : Samsumg N 510

Whether it’s an apple, a Sony , a Lenovo , or an Hp , laptops and especially netbooks have allowed us to reconcile between productivity and lightweight , few years before, who could have imagined that we’ll be able to work while we are on a trip or while having a dinner at a restaurant [...]

BloGitud : Crunchpad

This article is mainly dedicated to all those who think that in terms of tablets , only apple can create something interesting, this article is a proof that you are wrong .
A start-up from Singapore will launch a tablet PC powered by Linux and this in partnership with Techcrunch. And this to [...]