Blogitude : Nokia N97

Everyone is talking about it, and everyone wants to know more about it , that’s why i’ve decided to write a bit about it so you can have a little idea about the new baby of the swedish phone manufacturer

it’s first at the MWC 2009 that Nokia had  announced the its new flagship phone  the [...]

BloGitud : Mercedes SLS AMG

Well, I already know what you think about it , it looks simply amazing , this is exactly what I think too .

Fifty-five years after the launch of the legendary 300 SL, Mercedes has decided to revive the myth of the gull-wing doors with a new sport coupe. Named AMG SLS but already called Gullwing [...]

BloGitud : Thunderbird 3.0

The Mozilla Foundation has issued a release candidate version of Thunderbird 3.0. The mail client has as a main target to manage e-mails by integrating new tools for archiving and research.
the Release Candidate 1 of the email client Thunderbird 3.0,is based on the Gecko rendering engine as Firefox 1.9.1 and is available for download, [...]

BloGitud : Now I'm Sure To Watch It !!!

If there is a thing that I hate the most , it’s for sure to wait a whole week for a football game of my favorite team and then , when after a whole long week of patience ,i sit in front of my tv set and then i find that once again and as [...]

BloGitud :The New Google Translator

Yep It’s official , A new version of Google Translate is available. This new version was announced in a video on Youtube and an article on the official Google blog. A new version that features a completely new look for this service. The menu is now on the left of the interface. Here is [...]