BloGitud : It's Snowing Man !!!

Is snowing man , hallelujah :D. Since few weeks Mother Nature has been wearing its beautiful white dress. Everyone seems to be happy and laughing , kids who are enjoying their vacations , are playing down the streets , some of them are throwing snowballs at each other while the others are trying to make a [...]

BloGitud : Do A Good Thing ... Get More Work !!!

A weeding is maybe the best moment in someone’s life , as it’s a bridge to a whole new life ,and the moment to settle down (especially for guys) .

The last week , my friend brad got married, and while he was preparing for his weeding , he contacted me  to have my [...]

BloGitud : Why Do We Love Stars ?

Ladies and gentlemen , I have a question , a question that I’ve been asking myself since a long time , but believe me,  until yesterday , I couldn’t find any truly responding answer to that weird question .

Dear reader , be careful this article may make you see the world in a different way.

This [...]

BloGitud Stories : Stock Options In Five Questions

I’ve noticed that the word Stock option is everywhere these days, and I’ve also noticed that when people read this word , they don’t know what it means , this was exactly my situation few days before , but I managed to read some economic books to find what It  meant .

And as these books [...]

BloGitud : Hi Tom

When a mom gives life ,whether it’s for the first or the twentieth time ( just joking ) it’s always one of the best moments for all the family . an occasion when everyone is happy , and a great occasion to  gather all together .

My Cousin Rachel has given birth to tom , [...]

BloGitud : Google Nexus One

Google has officially launched the Nexus One, a new generation of smartphone manufactured by HTC. Following the footsteps of Apple, the Web giant has opened its own shop on Internet and will distribute itself the phone, equipped with its Android operating system. In competition with the iPhone, the Nexus One will also face other [...]