BloGitud : Facebook's Privacy

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account ??? everyone has one .
Facebook has in the last few years been able to provide to its users , a new way to discover internet , to make new friends and to share our lives.
But recently the whole world was just saying that facebook was not protecting the data of its users.

The 350 million Facebook members can now claim to have a better protected privacy.

While Facebook has just taken the helm of 350 million members, its CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the imminent arrival of new tools to better protect your privacy.

In an open letter to its users posted on the famous community site, Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO, says that Facebook now gathers more than 350 million members.

The milestone of 300 million members has been reached in September 2009.

In addition, Facebook is thinking about improving the protection and management of the personal data of its users. In this view, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the regional networks would soon be removed.

Since the creation of Facebook, these regional networks allow students to whom the network was initially intended to easily find colleagues by their names or by the mane of their school which they belong to , their university or city of residence. The main Reason behind this decision: these types of networks have become so big that they have no reason to exist, and these networks are also not protecting the confidential information of members.

It’s also the why Facebook is strengthening its rules of privacy on the social network by defining new parameters of use. The community site will deal with new filters giving to the member a way of defining the access rules to each element of their profile.
Facebook members can use some new tools on their page, some very easy to use tools “ as Mark Zuckerberg said” , which will restrict or open wider the access to different parts of their profile to specific users by adjusting the level of confidentiality.

For example, information about career will be open only to friends, while the photo albums can be accessed by all the network.
Facebook hopes to keep the confidence of its members at a time where social networking is headed for profitability. Facebook thinks about making a turnover of around 500 million dollars this year.

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