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Google has finally unveiled its future operating system, OS chrome. Largely inspired by its Web browser Chrome, the software is somewhat minimalist. Its goal? provide a lightweight, easy and free operating system to Netbooks, an OS that starts in a wink. Anders Sandholm, Google Chrome OS product manager is “very excited” by this product. But upon closer inspection, innovation is perhaps not so gigantic.

Chrome OS is simply the Chrome browser, but that would not need Windows to run. Derived from Linux, it starts in few seconds: it is an enhanced browser, which allows (only) to navigate. What to do with such a system? Using online services from Google, of course!
Chrome OS is a completely new way to use a computer. No need to worry about updates and management of installed programs ; because it is impossible to install other applications. The browser must be sufficient to perform all common tasks, at least those that run on a netbook: navigation, office, etc..

An OS carved by Google for Google

The strategy of the web giant, is since several years , to make all the content of its users accessible and modifiable from Internet. The e-mail, and office documents or photos are no longer stored on the user’s computer, they are stored online on Google Docs, Picasa, or Gmail. No need for a special software such as Word or Excel: Google can do everything via the browser. A Guidance that Microsoft has also followed on its Office Web Apps on Office 2010. The idea is innovative, but the connections do not always follow, and those living in the countryside or who travel frequently can’t be connected whenever they leave their homes.

It’s by proposing an operating system that is no more than a browser that Google hopes to rally the users to its online services. An unstoppable logic, which will also allow Google to increase its presence in the browser market, where Chrome barely move against Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

The system is very specific, it can be installed only on computers for which it will be developed. It remains to be seen whether the netbook buyers prefer to pay a Windows license to install their own software, or opt for the free Google Chrome OS, but know that they will be locked into a browser. Or Alternatively, use a version of Linux which offers many advantages: free, open source, with potentially tens of thousands of software (also free).


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