BloGitud : Now I'm Sure To Watch It !!!

If there is a thing that I hate the most , it’s for sure to wait a whole week for a football game of my favorite team and then , when after a whole long week of patience ,i sit in front of my tv set and then i find that once again and as it’s raining that day , i can get only one picture of the match per …. Minute , an awful feeling isn’t it ? The first thing that goes through your head at that moment is to throw the TV from the window , and I have to admit that I was very close from doing it , frankly .

But I can’t stand this anymore, and after a long reflection I’ve made a big decision, I decided that it’s time to subscribe for Dish Network .

Because , let’s say it high and clear , with Dish Network Deals I’m sure of watching my football game, as I’ll be able to receive the signal if it’s raining , snowing or even if there is a hurricane .

I’ve made a search on internet and I’ve found a lot of interesting Dish Network Offers , and each one offering a whole range of options ( I can even record my favorite programs to watch them later ) and all this at very low prices , but I still don’t know which one I will take .

But can you guys please advise me to pick a good one ? which one do you have ?

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