BloGitud : Volkswagen Touareg 2010

No more big 4×4 that pollute our environment ! To avoid this caricature, the new Touareg is losing 208 kg and will be the first hybrid Volkswagen to be produced .
It is a matter of survival for the specie . More than for its capacity to cross, now the customer chose a 4×4 for its CO2 emissions to avoid penalty . The new Volkswagen Touareg was perfectly understood this fact .

wolsvagen announces a 20% reduction of fuel consumption on its new series and a hybrid version. Powered by a V6 engine with TSI gasoline direct injection, turbocharged by a compressor and developing 333 hp, the Touareg Hybrid is equipped with an architecture that allows it to evolve into an all-electric mode, but benefits from 379 hp .the new touareg reachs a top speed of 240 km / h and achieves the performance of 0 to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds.

But more than these fulgurant performances that do finally makes sense only on the German motorways, the Touareg Hybrid is illustrated by its consumption reduced by 25% compared to that of a Touareg V6 that disappears from the range in addition to the W12 and V10 TDI. The hybrid version will be completed by launching a V6 3.0 TDI of 240 hp and a V8 4.2 TDI of 340 hp. But let’s face it the Touareg does not worry the Lexus RX. A pioneer in terms of hybrid 4×4, the latter is leading with a low record of 148 grams per kilometer, but in terms of power the RX 450h offers “only” 299 hp and does not have a real wheel drive.

the new Touareg allows crossing. Supplied on its standard version with the differential auto blocking transmission Torsen (4MOTION) and can be completed with a package called Track & Field, which configures the ABS, ESP for a off-road configuration.

The front inherits the spirit initiated by the Golf VI, which has been gradually declined in all new models that have emerged since its introduction .
The interior is luxurious . The design of the dashboard is brilliant and has a huge GPS screen of 6.5 inch. The quality of materials can be felt on your first second on that car . As for modularity, it is worthy of the best minivans with a rear seat that can move about 16 cm and fall back automatically with a push of a button. From its long 4.80 m, the Touareg can accommodate from 580 to 1642 liters of capacity in the trunk.

The new Touareg is equipped with many high-tech equipment. Thus, depending on trim levels, the German SUV is equipped, among others with the system “Lane Assist” to maintain your lane in traffic, “Side Assist” to warn you the presence of a vehicle in a blind spot.


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