BloGitud : It's Snowing Man !!!

Is snowing man , hallelujah :D. Since few weeks Mother Nature has been wearing its beautiful white dress. Everyone seems to be happy and laughing , kids who are enjoying their vacations , are playing down the streets , some of them are throwing snowballs at each other while the others are trying to make a huge snowman that looks more like an ugly fat guy than a snowman.

Everyone seems to be enjoying his time , of course except me who had to pick up the car and go bring some food for the kids from a near shop , but this simple task that may look very easy to be achieved in normal days , is a real feat when it’s snowing, it can even kill you .

And what makes it even more difficult is the fact that my jeep doesn’t have snow grips , ( in fact I used to have them but god only knows where I put them or to whom I lent them) .

But as I couldn’t  stay blocked at home until someone brings them back , I had to act and find a solution , and the solution was only few clicks away , as snow grips are car accessories , the only thing I needed to do is to search on Google for the words jeep accessories , and I found all what I was looking for ,and for a very attractive price.

Now at least I can move and go where ever I want with my jeep , and be sure that my car won’t skid due to the snow .and it’s also a great investment as I’ll be able to use them for many years .

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