BloGitud : Why Do We Love Stars ?

Ladies and gentlemen , I have a question , a question that I’ve been asking myself since a long time , but believe me,  until yesterday , I couldn’t find any truly responding answer to that weird question .

Dear reader , be careful this article may make you see the world in a different way.

This question is , why do we love stars? Why are we addicted to every gizmos that a star touches or buys  ,this weird habit  is very common among  women , who are definitely hypnotized by stars , and do spend most of their money to look like or have a thing like their favorite star , but not only women suffer from this incurable disease, even  men do , I mean for example why do I go to watch a movie each time I know that Denzel Washington is acting on it , or why do I need to buy the same blackberry that George Clooney owns ? does it have superpowers ?? Strange isn’t it ?

From a very personal point of view , I think that if for example , a girl is addicted to her favorite Celebrity Style , and she want to be and to look like here, it’s mainly because , celebrities create fashion , and if we didn’t have the stars to take as models , we would simply be disoriented, we won’t even know what to wear or which phone we should buy , in other terms , stars give value to everything they touch .

But let’s go a bit further in our analysis :p , imagine a world with no stars , this world will simply be a chaotic world , a world where the word business would mean nothing , and creativity  will stop forever.

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