BloGitud : Do A Good Thing ... Get More Work !!!

A weeding is maybe the best moment in someone’s life , as it’s a bridge to a whole new life ,and the moment to settle down (especially for guys) :D .

The last week , my friend brad got married, and while he was preparing for his weeding , he contacted me  to have my point of view about some Keepsake Gifts , he asked me to find him the gift , that cost nothing but that will be the best reminder for the ceremony .

But let’s face it ,  I don’t have neither the time nor the patience to go and visit hundred of shops, looking for one hundred pieces of a cheap and unique gift .

I had to act and find a solution ,and  what I did is that I searched for Unique Gift Ideas on internet , and I found all what was looking for .

And more than that , I was able to make my  order online and it was delivered to my home .

My friend was so satisfied with the choice I made that he told me he will be pleased if I accepted to be the organizer of his sister weeding next month.

You see, sometimes finding the right gift is a  bad thing :( , it gives you more work .

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