BloGitud : Hi Tom

When a mom gives life ,whether it’s for the first or the twentieth time ( just joking :D ) it’s always one of the best moments for all the family . an occasion when everyone is happy , and a great occasion to  gather all together .

My Cousin Rachel has given birth to tom , a little guy who has the eyes of his father, the lips of his mother, and the nose of his …. Uncle (Me :p)  .so to wish him a big welcome to this beautiful world I had to buy something special for him .

I’ve heard about a brand called kate mack that makes some very sweet clothes for children , so what I needed to do is to find a  children’s boutique where I could buy what I was looking for .

But frankly I’ve never heard or seen or visited a boutique where I saw them selling stuff for children , which made the task a little bit tougher .

But of course nothing is difficult to be found on internet , I searched for children’s boutique clothing and I found a lot of different boutiques , offering some very interesting things for children , imagine , it even made me think about getting married :p:p

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