BloGitud : Google Buzz and Privacy.

Google Buzz reconsiders how it protects privacy
After the controversy that followed the launch of Buzz Google, the Internet Group is redefining the rules of privacy settings.

The search engine is making all its efforts to improve the conditions for use of its Internet services.
To begin with the Google Buzz, a micro-blogging service , which had attracted the ire of many Internet just days after its launch, forcing the search engine to respond quickly.
To avoid further criticism of the unchecked spread of information, the Internet Group will set up a confirmation page.

In other words, google will ask the user to adjust the privacy settings and then choose the data he wants to publish or not.
Rather than automatically install the monitoring of people with whom we communicate by e-mail or chat, Google Buzz submits suggestions to manually confirm.

The user can also identify contacts who may or may not follow the discussions, manage ancillary services that can interconnect with your Google Account Buzz (Picasa, Twitter …).
In the U.S., the initial method has infuriated the Electronic Privacy Information Center, which had launched a procedure to Google Buzz to the Federal Trade Commission.
The Centre for Protection of Civil Rights on the Internet in particular considers that the way Google has launched Buzz is a flagrant violation of the Federal Law on Consumer Protection.
But now things seems to be changing .

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