BloGitud : Summer is coming ...

Winter has gone, the weather is getting warmer and I can feel the first summer glows ( I have this special skill to be the first to feel when the weather starts getting warmer as I spent 10 hours per day siting on my desk in the office ) , this raise of the temperature means it’s time to start thinking about where I’m going to go this summer (of course if I get vacation).

Where can I go this summer ? I need to go visit a special place, a place I’ve never been to before, I’ve heard about Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt so to have more information I searched on the net for Sharm El Sheikh Holidays and I can’t describe how beautiful is that place , especially as it’s in Egypt which I consider as one of the most beautiful countries in the world ,with its unique culture and the Egyptian people known for being very welcoming and cheerful .

But the problem is that while visiting that particular website , I’ve also found a lot of different destinations , and each destination is so beautiful that it makes you forget the others especially in cyprius and Mauritius .

So now I’m really confused, I don’t know whether I should go to Sharm El Sheikh , opt for Mauritius Holidays or go for Cyprus Holidays because all the three places are extremely beautiful , and deserve visiting them , and what makes the task of taking a decision a bit tougher , is the fact that all the three trips are very affordable .

But hey , I’m daydreaming about a trip while I’m sitting on the desk and the boss is yelling at me ,so maybe I should forget about the trip now and get back to work or I will both lose my job, and stay at home this summer .

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