BloGitude : My Diet

Sometimes , you do your best to achieve some goals, but even after trying again and again, the goal you set remains unreachable , pushing you to let everything down .

But of course, you resist , and try again , hopping that this time it will work

This is my story with diets, I’ve always wanted to have a sexy good looking body , but it was a goal I never reached.

And what makes this goal even more difficult are it’s side effects

As you may all know, when you start a diet, you generally suffer from a luck of calories , which means  headaches , weakness and irritability . I personally really suffered from that, a situation that pushed me many times to stop my diet ?

But this was before I heard about the hcg diet ,I can imagine you in front of your screen asking yourself the question , what’s that?

it’s a very famous diet that has with no doubt proven its efficiency.

it’s my doctor who has given me the advice to start this diet , as it a very balanced diet that makes you lose weight without depriving yourself  from eating good things .

but the secret that makes this diet program work are the hcg drops .

and this was actually my main problem as didn’t know where I could find them .as I leave a bit far from the city .

but after making a little search on Google , you can’t imagine how easy it was for me to buy hcg

few months after I started the diet, the results are amazing , and believe me you should really try it.

but of course , nothing works without hardworking and perseverance, in addition to the diet, I had to do some exercise and avoid bad habits such as eating between meals .

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