BloGitud : Mercedes SLS AMG

Well, I already know what you think about it , it looks simply amazing , this is exactly what I think too .

Fifty-five years after the launch of the legendary 300 SL, Mercedes has decided to revive the myth of the gull-wing doors with a new sport coupe. Named AMG SLS but already called Gullwing as reference to its famous doors.

Stung by the limited success of the SLR developed in partnership with McLaren, Mercedes has given the study of the this project to its subsidiary AMG sport based in Affalterbach.

Unlike the Audi R8 and Porsche 911 Turbo that it is actually targeting, the SLS AMG remains faithful to the concept of the ancient sport car: long wheelbase, huge hood, large front central engine and occupants sitting on the rear wheels.

Completely developed by AMG, the SLS is a true showcase of the expertise of the brand. The engineers have for a transaxle architecture and a gearbox rejected at the rear to ensure excellent weight distribution (48% front, 52% rear). Desired to be an ultra sportive car , one of the main challenge of the designers of this new coupe has been to hunt extra pounds.

The use for the first time of an aluminum frame space by Mercedes has lowered the weight of the chassis to 241 kilos. The double wishbone suspensions are also in aluminum. the carbon fiber transmission shaft connecting the transmission to the engine weighs only 4 kilos. Finally, the SLS AMG weights only 1 620 kilos on the scales.

To use a chassis built for the competition, AMG has completely renewed its latest 6 208 cm3 V8 atmospheric. Now it delivers up to 571 hp at 6 800 rpm and 650 Nm of torque at 4 750 rpm, which means 46 hp more than the SL 63 AMG. Another first, this V8 is mated to a dual clutch 7 gears gearbox designed in partnership with Getrag.

It has four modes: comfort, sport, sport + and manual. Theses performance will allow the craft to 315 km / h on race track and go from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.8 seconds.

With a pattern similar to the SLR (4.64 x 1.93 x 1.25), but for a more reasonable price, the SLS AMG will for sure seduce a lot of fans of the German made sport cars .


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