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The Mozilla Foundation has issued a release candidate version of Thunderbird 3.0. The mail client has as a main target to manage e-mails by integrating new tools for archiving and research.
the Release Candidate 1 of the email client Thunderbird 3.0,is based on the Gecko rendering engine as Firefox 1.9.1 and is available for download, for Windows OS, Linux and Mac OS X.

Thunderbird 3.0 main efforts are aiming primarily improving usability and optimizing the functionality offered. The open source mail client is also introducing a new tabbed display, a tool straight coming from the browser Firefox. A smart way to navigate within Thunderbird to better manage its e-mails.

This mail client is also focusing on a better management of the extensions to customize Thunderbird any way you want it .

Also this new version is featuring an archiving system that now offers the possibility to archive its e-mail messages in the inbox or to keep them in a specific folders. With a simple click, you can send an e-mail directly to an archive folder.

In addition, search tools have also been improved with the inclusion of an internal search engine to the messaging system that can make requests in real time based on selected criteria: keyword, sender, date of the e-mail, files created or attachments.

Thunderbird 3.0 is also compatible with Google’s Gmail. The Users of Mozilla Foundation mail client , can now synchronize their contacts, their e-mails and folders with Gmail.

To summarize Thunderbird 3.0 is announcing over 200 changes in the software including:

* A new search engine with advanced filters
* A new configuration wizard for email account
* Tabs for Thunderbird inspired by those of Firefox 3.5
* Smart Folders appear in the left column
* Selection of multiple messages displays a summary of all
* The arrangement of columns can be changed for each different folder
* Create an archive folder
* A manager can track the transactions Thunderbird to / from email providers
* Extension Manager for Thunderbird based on that of Firefox 3.5
* Contact Manager has been enhanced with the ability to add a photo and / or a birthday to a contact.
* Improving the management of GMail
* Mails in IMAP are downloaded in the background
* As for the Mac OS X, Thunderbird allows the indexing engine of Windows to use email.

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