BloGitud : Why Do We Love Stars ?

Ladies and gentlemen , I have a question , a question that I’ve been asking myself since a long time , but believe me,  until yesterday , I couldn’t find any truly responding answer to that weird question .

Dear reader , be careful this article may make you see the world in a different way.

This question is , why do we love stars? Why are we addicted to every gizmos that a star touches or buys  ,this weird habit  is very common among  women , who are definitely hypnotized by stars , and do spend most of their money to look like or have a thing like their favorite star , but not only women suffer from this incurable disease, even  men do , I mean for example why do I go to watch a movie each time I know that Denzel Washington is acting on it , or why do I need to buy the same blackberry that George Clooney owns ? does it have superpowers ?? Strange isn’t it ?

From a very personal point of view , I think that if for example , a girl is addicted to her favorite Celebrity Style , and she want to be and to look like here, it’s mainly because , celebrities create fashion , and if we didn’t have the stars to take as models , we would simply be disoriented, we won’t even know what to wear or which phone we should buy , in other terms , stars give value to everything they touch .

But let’s go a bit further in our analysis :p , imagine a world with no stars , this world will simply be a chaotic world , a world where the word business would mean nothing , and creativity  will stop forever.

BloGitud Stories : Stock Options In Five Questions

I’ve noticed that the word Stock option is everywhere these days, and I’ve also noticed that when people read this word , they don’t know what it means , this was exactly my situation few days before , but I managed to read some economic books to find what It  meant .

And as these books are quite boring I’ve tried to write this article  to give you the explanation in five question of what are stock options :

Let’s learn what are stock options in five questions :

1 –To whom are stock options intended?

Stock options are mainly intended to employees, usually executives of the companies working with this system, as they demand huge salaries that can’t be paid by startups .

2 – How does this work on?

The employee of a company receives a kind of purchase order to acquire the shares later at a price already fixed, sometimes much lower than the actual share price.

3 – Why stock options?

Giving stock option prevents the company from giving big amounts of “cash”.

4 – What is the risk of stock options?

If the price falls below the price set by the option, the employee may waive his option: he earns nothing but loses nothing.

5- What’s good side of stock options

Generally stock options can help their owner make a lot of money and this through  stock option trading , executives of companies such as Google or Microsoft generally prefer to be paid in stock option as they know that the latter gain value easily , buy stock option trading is not as easy as it seems and there are a lot of examples of people who have lost everything .

But of course this doesn’t affect the reliability of stock options as in most of the cases, people who do not make benefits from them are those who do not use options trading mentoring .

BloGitud : Hi Tom

When a mom gives life ,whether it’s for the first or the twentieth time ( just joking :D ) it’s always one of the best moments for all the family . an occasion when everyone is happy , and a great occasion to  gather all together .

My Cousin Rachel has given birth to tom , a little guy who has the eyes of his father, the lips of his mother, and the nose of his …. Uncle (Me :p)  .so to wish him a big welcome to this beautiful world I had to buy something special for him .

I’ve heard about a brand called kate mack that makes some very sweet clothes for children , so what I needed to do is to find a  children’s boutique where I could buy what I was looking for .

But frankly I’ve never heard or seen or visited a boutique where I saw them selling stuff for children , which made the task a little bit tougher .

But of course nothing is difficult to be found on internet , I searched for children’s boutique clothing and I found a lot of different boutiques , offering some very interesting things for children , imagine , it even made me think about getting married :p:p

BloGitud : Google Nexus One

Google has officially launched the Nexus One, a new generation of smartphone manufactured by HTC. Following the footsteps of Apple, the Web giant has opened its own shop on Internet and will distribute itself the phone, equipped with its Android operating system. In competition with the iPhone, the Nexus One will also face other players (BlackBerry, Nokia, Palm, etc..). Here are the specifications of the new Google phone.

- Screen: a 3.7 WVGA AMOLED screen a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, larger and thinner than the iPhone 3GS (3.5″, 320 x 480 pixels)

- Dimensions: 119 mm x 59.8 mm x 11.5 mm, very close to the iPhone 3GS (115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3)

- Weight: 130 grams, equivalent to the iPhone (135 g)

- Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon (TM) 3G QSD8250 1 GHz, twice the power of the iPhone 3GS

- Camera: 5 megapixel camera with flash, autofocus and localization tools

- Video : available, but without an editing software unlike the iPhone 3GS but will be available soon.

- Extended Memory: Removable SD Card 4GB (expandable to 32 GB)

- Shop Applications: Android Store (about 20,000 applications available), the App Store Apple has more than 100,000 applications

- Ports: jack 3.5mm headphones with four contacts for voice and remote control

- Battery: removable 1400 mAh, unlike the iPhone and its battery fixed

- Announced autonomy: 250 hours on standby mode, equivalent to the iPhone 3GS, which does not actually take more than one day.

- Trackball: LED notification light, alerting the arrival of new emails and instant messages and SMS

According to Google, the Nexus One introduces new applications and features. Here is the information provided by the Web giant:

Entering text without typing
Keyboard Voice-Activated for all text boxes: you can now just dictate text messages, instant, electronic, Twitter and Facebook.
Tell your phone what to do
To search on Google, call your contacts or instructions on the route to follow, just ask your phone.

A further step in personalization
The dynamic and interactive wallpaper react to touch. New widgets and five home screens let you further customize your device.

Photos and video quality
The 5 megapixel camera includes an LED flash, an autofocus, zoom, white balance and color effects. Watch your pictures and your Picasa albums in the new 3D gallery. Record high definition MPEG4 video, then upload them to YouTube with one click.
it’s perfectly clear that google is giving some serious trouble the apple’s iphone, but only customers will give the answer whether or not nexus one is the real iphone killer.


BloGitud : Google Chrome OS

Google has finally unveiled its future operating system, OS chrome. Largely inspired by its Web browser Chrome, the software is somewhat minimalist. Its goal? provide a lightweight, easy and free operating system to Netbooks, an OS that starts in a wink. Anders Sandholm, Google Chrome OS product manager is “very excited” by this product. But upon closer inspection, innovation is perhaps not so gigantic.

Chrome OS is simply the Chrome browser, but that would not need Windows to run. Derived from Linux, it starts in few seconds: it is an enhanced browser, which allows (only) to navigate. What to do with such a system? Using online services from Google, of course!
Chrome OS is a completely new way to use a computer. No need to worry about updates and management of installed programs ; because it is impossible to install other applications. The browser must be sufficient to perform all common tasks, at least those that run on a netbook: navigation, office, etc..

An OS carved by Google for Google

The strategy of the web giant, is since several years , to make all the content of its users accessible and modifiable from Internet. The e-mail, and office documents or photos are no longer stored on the user’s computer, they are stored online on Google Docs, Picasa, or Gmail. No need for a special software such as Word or Excel: Google can do everything via the browser. A Guidance that Microsoft has also followed on its Office Web Apps on Office 2010. The idea is innovative, but the connections do not always follow, and those living in the countryside or who travel frequently can’t be connected whenever they leave their homes.

It’s by proposing an operating system that is no more than a browser that Google hopes to rally the users to its online services. An unstoppable logic, which will also allow Google to increase its presence in the browser market, where Chrome barely move against Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

The system is very specific, it can be installed only on computers for which it will be developed. It remains to be seen whether the netbook buyers prefer to pay a Windows license to install their own software, or opt for the free Google Chrome OS, but know that they will be locked into a browser. Or Alternatively, use a version of Linux which offers many advantages: free, open source, with potentially tens of thousands of software (also free).


BloGitud : Facebook's Privacy

Who doesn’t have a Facebook account ??? everyone has one .
Facebook has in the last few years been able to provide to its users , a new way to discover internet , to make new friends and to share our lives.
But recently the whole world was just saying that facebook was not protecting the data of its users.

The 350 million Facebook members can now claim to have a better protected privacy.

While Facebook has just taken the helm of 350 million members, its CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the imminent arrival of new tools to better protect your privacy.

In an open letter to its users posted on the famous community site, Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO, says that Facebook now gathers more than 350 million members.

The milestone of 300 million members has been reached in September 2009.

In addition, Facebook is thinking about improving the protection and management of the personal data of its users. In this view, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the regional networks would soon be removed.

Since the creation of Facebook, these regional networks allow students to whom the network was initially intended to easily find colleagues by their names or by the mane of their school which they belong to , their university or city of residence. The main Reason behind this decision: these types of networks have become so big that they have no reason to exist, and these networks are also not protecting the confidential information of members.

It’s also the why Facebook is strengthening its rules of privacy on the social network by defining new parameters of use. The community site will deal with new filters giving to the member a way of defining the access rules to each element of their profile.
Facebook members can use some new tools on their page, some very easy to use tools “ as Mark Zuckerberg said” , which will restrict or open wider the access to different parts of their profile to specific users by adjusting the level of confidentiality.

For example, information about career will be open only to friends, while the photo albums can be accessed by all the network.
Facebook hopes to keep the confidence of its members at a time where social networking is headed for profitability. Facebook thinks about making a turnover of around 500 million dollars this year.

Blogitude : Nokia N97

Everyone is talking about it, and everyone wants to know more about it , that’s why i’ve decided to write a bit about it so you can have a little idea about the new baby of the swedish phone manufacturer

it’s first at the MWC 2009 that Nokia had  announced the its new flagship phone  the N97, so what so special about this phone you may ask ? the answer is :

The new Nokia N97 is equipped with the 3G/3G + technology , a 3.5 ”  16 / 9  touch screen with a 640 × 360 and 16 million colors resolution  , a QWERTY and sliding keyboard, 32GB of internal memory, a Memory microSD / SDHC port, a 5 Megapixel camera Carl Zeiss optics with a LED flash, video recording in DVD quality (VGA 30fps), a compatible GPS A-GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and a battery that can last up to 5 hours in communication , 4.5 hours displaying video, 1.5 day listening to music or 400h on standby mode , all this in a dimension of 117.2 × 55.3 × 15.9 mm for 150g.

The Nokia N97 manufacturing quality is exemplary and unmatched , once you take the phone on your hands you notice On the left side of the phone the  lock / unlock button and the Universal USB in addition to the also speakers ,On the right side are the volume buttons and the shutter of the camera. On the upper side is the power button (which can also be used to choose the Mode as on all Nokia (General, Meeting, etc …) and a 3.5 mm music jack .

Concerning its size and weight, it is not the smallest or lightest, but in a pocket, it doesn’t feel heavier or larger than a iPhone, and its size allows a good grip in hand.

In terms of connectivity , you will for sure appreciate the mini-USB ,the TV output and the 3.5 mm jack .  And in terms of wireless connection , this phone is equipped with the latest technologies like the  3G +, Bluetooth , WiFi and GPS-compatible A-GPS.Regarding GPS localisation , no problem and no differences with the previous Nokias, the signal is quickly recovered, whether in the nokia’s applications or Google Maps. , the 32GB internal memory are very sufficient , but in case you find it not enough,  you can add more memory via the memory microSD / SDHC

the operating system of the nokia N97 is the the new Symbian S50 5th Edition which is the same  as the system equipping the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music and Nokia E75.

On the homepage of the N97 nokia has proposed widgets that are a little more sexy than what we were used to on the other versions , you can configure the widgets of your choice, and retrieve new ones from OVI Store which  is Nokia’s answer to Apple’s AppStore but that is a bit empty for the moment.

I’ve searched through youtube and found an interesting video of the N97 , i invite you all to watch it so you can have an idea about it :


BloGitud : Mercedes SLS AMG

Well, I already know what you think about it , it looks simply amazing , this is exactly what I think too .

Fifty-five years after the launch of the legendary 300 SL, Mercedes has decided to revive the myth of the gull-wing doors with a new sport coupe. Named AMG SLS but already called Gullwing as reference to its famous doors.

Stung by the limited success of the SLR developed in partnership with McLaren, Mercedes has given the study of the this project to its subsidiary AMG sport based in Affalterbach.

Unlike the Audi R8 and Porsche 911 Turbo that it is actually targeting, the SLS AMG remains faithful to the concept of the ancient sport car: long wheelbase, huge hood, large front central engine and occupants sitting on the rear wheels.

Completely developed by AMG, the SLS is a true showcase of the expertise of the brand. The engineers have for a transaxle architecture and a gearbox rejected at the rear to ensure excellent weight distribution (48% front, 52% rear). Desired to be an ultra sportive car , one of the main challenge of the designers of this new coupe has been to hunt extra pounds.

The use for the first time of an aluminum frame space by Mercedes has lowered the weight of the chassis to 241 kilos. The double wishbone suspensions are also in aluminum. the carbon fiber transmission shaft connecting the transmission to the engine weighs only 4 kilos. Finally, the SLS AMG weights only 1 620 kilos on the scales.

To use a chassis built for the competition, AMG has completely renewed its latest 6 208 cm3 V8 atmospheric. Now it delivers up to 571 hp at 6 800 rpm and 650 Nm of torque at 4 750 rpm, which means 46 hp more than the SL 63 AMG. Another first, this V8 is mated to a dual clutch 7 gears gearbox designed in partnership with Getrag.

It has four modes: comfort, sport, sport + and manual. Theses performance will allow the craft to 315 km / h on race track and go from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.8 seconds.

With a pattern similar to the SLR (4.64 x 1.93 x 1.25), but for a more reasonable price, the SLS AMG will for sure seduce a lot of fans of the German made sport cars .


BloGitud : Thunderbird 3.0

The Mozilla Foundation has issued a release candidate version of Thunderbird 3.0. The mail client has as a main target to manage e-mails by integrating new tools for archiving and research.
the Release Candidate 1 of the email client Thunderbird 3.0,is based on the Gecko rendering engine as Firefox 1.9.1 and is available for download, for Windows OS, Linux and Mac OS X.

Thunderbird 3.0 main efforts are aiming primarily improving usability and optimizing the functionality offered. The open source mail client is also introducing a new tabbed display, a tool straight coming from the browser Firefox. A smart way to navigate within Thunderbird to better manage its e-mails.

This mail client is also focusing on a better management of the extensions to customize Thunderbird any way you want it .

Also this new version is featuring an archiving system that now offers the possibility to archive its e-mail messages in the inbox or to keep them in a specific folders. With a simple click, you can send an e-mail directly to an archive folder.

In addition, search tools have also been improved with the inclusion of an internal search engine to the messaging system that can make requests in real time based on selected criteria: keyword, sender, date of the e-mail, files created or attachments.

Thunderbird 3.0 is also compatible with Google’s Gmail. The Users of Mozilla Foundation mail client , can now synchronize their contacts, their e-mails and folders with Gmail.

To summarize Thunderbird 3.0 is announcing over 200 changes in the software including:

* A new search engine with advanced filters
* A new configuration wizard for email account
* Tabs for Thunderbird inspired by those of Firefox 3.5
* Smart Folders appear in the left column
* Selection of multiple messages displays a summary of all
* The arrangement of columns can be changed for each different folder
* Create an archive folder
* A manager can track the transactions Thunderbird to / from email providers
* Extension Manager for Thunderbird based on that of Firefox 3.5
* Contact Manager has been enhanced with the ability to add a photo and / or a birthday to a contact.
* Improving the management of GMail
* Mails in IMAP are downloaded in the background
* As for the Mac OS X, Thunderbird allows the indexing engine of Windows to use email.

BloGitud : Now I'm Sure To Watch It !!!

If there is a thing that I hate the most , it’s for sure to wait a whole week for a football game of my favorite team and then , when after a whole long week of patience ,i sit in front of my tv set and then i find that once again and as it’s raining that day , i can get only one picture of the match per …. Minute , an awful feeling isn’t it ? The first thing that goes through your head at that moment is to throw the TV from the window , and I have to admit that I was very close from doing it , frankly .

But I can’t stand this anymore, and after a long reflection I’ve made a big decision, I decided that it’s time to subscribe for Dish Network .

Because , let’s say it high and clear , with Dish Network Deals I’m sure of watching my football game, as I’ll be able to receive the signal if it’s raining , snowing or even if there is a hurricane .

I’ve made a search on internet and I’ve found a lot of interesting Dish Network Offers , and each one offering a whole range of options ( I can even record my favorite programs to watch them later ) and all this at very low prices , but I still don’t know which one I will take .

But can you guys please advise me to pick a good one ? which one do you have ?

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