BloGitud :The New Google Translator

Yep It’s official , A new version of Google Translate is available. This new version was announced in a video on Youtube and an article on the official Google blog. A new version that features a completely new look for this service. The menu is now on the left of the interface. Here is an overview of the features built into Google’s translator that supports now up to 51 languages.

Real-time translation

at first it used to look like a text box, two combo boxes and a button to order the translation. Now, this last element is always present but no longer serves much through research in real time, implemented with of JavaScript. So you type your text and it is translated into the language of your choice while you are typing . Moreover, the option “detect language” is not always selected by default since it is the last language you have chosen on your browser which is selected first. The loading of the text in real time is symbolized by ellipses added after the translation is displayed.

Text-to-speech synthesis of English translations

When you want to do a translation into the language of Shakespeare, Google now offers the ability to listen to what you have written using a synthetic voice, the pronunciation of your sentence. However, to make this work, you must have the Flash plugin installed on your machine. This feature is certainly interesting, but very limited, since no other language than English is synthesizable. In addition, I personally would have thought that Google would open this option as an API, but this is not the case (although a simple analysis of the source code of the page will allow you to reuse the object Flash …).

Phonetic transcription for some languages to non-Roman alphabets.

When you translate phrases from French to languages in non-Roman alphabets (such as Japanese, Simplified Chinese or Russian), Google translator offers an option to display the “romanization” of the result. For Japanese, this information displays the Romanji transcription , ie with the phonetic alphabet that lets you know how to pronounce the characters displayed. However, Google affirms that “Romanization” is not available for Arabic, Farsi and Hindi.


BloGitud : Windows 7

Ladies and gentlemen , Windows 7 is here .but as many of you still don’t know anything about it , let’s get back and take a look at the seven major innovations introduced by Microsoft’s new operating system.

The “super taskbar”

on Windows 7, the desktop features a new taskbar, a lot more intuitive than the previous one . This “super bar” allows a visual overview of a task started and this just by taking your mouse over it . If a Web page in the taskbar plays a video for example, the user can watch it while it’s being played without having to click on the application.

A Faster access to documents

If the graphic aspect of Windows 7 is not revolutionary compared to Windows Vista, the ergonomics of the system have been radically revised and improved. For example, in the “Start” menu, when you place the cursor over an application like Word for example , a “jumplist” appears displaying the files you have previously opened on Word.

Automatic resizing of the opened windows

This is one of the most useful tips introduced by Windows 7. By launching a window on the right side or left of the desktop, it is automatically resized to fit the half of the screen, without hiding what was displayed on the page. Shaking a window that you want to keep will also instantly reduce the size of all the other windows opened on the desktop.

Windows 7 has been partly designed to facilitate the use of touch screens computers , which should be democratized in the upcoming months (many affordable models are announced by HP, MSI, Asus, etc..). On these machines, your finger replaces the mouse. The experience provides a very smooth navigation, and this to manipulate files, work on documents or surf the Web.

A new Windows Media Center
The multimedia center of Windows has been redesigned and corrected. Easier to take in hand, it allows you to connect with your computer peripherals through the “local group”. For example, the Media Center of Windows 7 let you listen on your hi-fi , the music stored on your hard disk, or display your vacation photos on your TV set.

Windows 7 consumes less energy
Less greedy, Windows 7 responds faster than Windows Vista. The user will notice it , for example during the startup or the standby of the system. On laptops and netbooks, Windows 7 has a more intelligent management of the resources. It allows you for example to save the energy needed to illuminate the screen or disable certain functions not used to provide more autonomy to the machine.

Enhanced Security

Windows 7 has a security center that centralizes and summarizes the configuration and prevents the user on the taskbar, when a problem is likely going to harm the PC (firewall disabled, updates , outdated antivirus, etc..). The User Account Control (UAC), which, under Vista, used to askthe user to confirm his actions, is less present in Windows 7. Other security tools: Windows Defender, which protects the computer from spyware, parental control, and Windows firewall.


BloGitud : Sony Vaio X Series

If You are a businessman, always on the go ,and you are looking for the perfect companion for your trips … this article may interest may give you the answer you were looking for.
The new Sony VAIO X Series combines elegance, extreme mobility, usability and design.
With a weight starting at 780 g, the VAIO X series is an exquisite lightweight. It is also incredibly compact, this finely sculpted body is measuring not more than 13.9 mm.

A perfectly balanced set for those making business trips with a touch of elegance, the VAIO X series has all the positive values of the VAIO portability and performance.
The frame is lightweight , thin and sensationally sculpted in carbon fiber that offers strength and exceptional lightness. It is enhanced by a wrist rest in aluminum that also accentuates the luxury design of this notebook, and also provides a stable base to type comfortably and accurately on the responsive and comfortably spaced keyboard.
Its usability is further enhanced with a new multi-finger touchpad, which helps you browse your files with intuitive movements to scroll, scroll, zoom and rotate.
The LCD 11.1 “X-black screen provides you with a brilliantly detailed display ,high contrast and vivid colors for an authentic experience and natural vision. to let you consult your documents, web pages or watch movies in a very high quality .
In addition to its wonderful look, the VAIO X series is a performance-oriented tool for the demanding professionals on the go ,who want to stay productive.

We can’t talk about portability if you have to stop constantly to recharge the battery on the next outlet you find. Thanks to its very low CPU voltage and an LCD panel with low consumption, the VAIO X Series allows you to remain productive throughout the workday (up to 8 hours) with its lithium battery. The X extended battery option boosts the battery life up to 16 hours.

Even when you’re not near a Wi-Fi hotspot, WAN everywair VAIO lets you stay connected with high speed access to broadband mobile 3G HSPA that downloads at up to 7.2 Mbps.
It’s Equipped with 2 USB ports,a Gigabit Ethernet ports and a VGA and its connectivity is complemented by 802.11 b / g / draft and Bluetooth ™ for an even greater mobile productivity. It also includes a microphone, a headphone jack and card slots for Memory Stick and SD media. With a size of only 2.25 mm, the MOTION EYE ® integrated camera that lets you effortlessly organize you videoconferences with clients and colleagues.

The VAIO X series is delivered with Genuine Windows ® 7 Professional version and a memory Solid State Drive saving energy for a fast and reliable access to your files. The Energy Star 5.0 logo is here to remind you that This notebook also remarkably reduces your energy consumption.

Optional accessories include a leather holster, a USB external drive and a incredibly elegant wireless mouse.

Main technical features


Processor Intel ® Atom ™ Z540 1.86GHz
OS Genuine Windows ® 7 Professional (32 bit)
Memory 2GB (1x2 GB) DDR2 SDRAM
Hard Drive 128 GB SSD Flash drive Serial ATA
Screen 11.1 "X-black LCD with LED technology, WXGA 16:9 (1366X768)
Graphics Card Mobile Intel ® Graphics Media Accelerator 500
Optical Disk --
Weight and height 0.78 kilograms (battery included) 185 x 13.9 x 278 mm (L x W x H)
Other wireless WAN everywair 7.2 Mbps / 5.76 Mbps (HSDPA / HSUPA), WLAN 802.11b/g/Draft n, Bluetooth ®, digital camera 'Motion Eye'

BloGitud Stories : It's Time To Ride

Yep that’s right , Today is a special day , a day that i’ve been dreaming about since i was a child , today I’ve made a decision: As am a big fan of road trips and bikes , I am going to buy bike , and not any bike a legendary Harley Davidson.

I personally  consider this day as the consecration of months of hard working and money saving , because as you may know , not everyone  can afford to buy a HD , as it’s a bit expensive ,but of course the price is worth it .

But let’s face it ,unfortunately I’m not that much rich to buy a brand new one ,so I’ve made some search and i’ve found a cheap second hand Harley Davidson dyna for sale at a very attractive price so I couldn’t resist it .

At first as I saw it just on a magazine , I thought that it was a brand new one, but once I met its owner I saw that few things on the bike weren’t as good as they were on the picture .

But I have to say that for that price I couldn’t dream of something better, so what I did is that I bought it and started looking for HD Parts to fix all what was wrong on the bike .

And frankly this wasn’t difficult at all as I found some Discount Harley Parts on internet that turned that scrap heap into a real Harley Davidson

It took me about two months to repair everything , but frankly I don’t consider it as a waste of time , as it has given me the opportunity to know a lot more my Harley Davidson , the bike all passions and  all dreams .


BloGitud : Nokia Money

Nokia will launch in 2010 its financial service for mobile phones, Nokia Money, which will help you make transfers of money to pay your purchases or recharge your account from your terminal.

Nokia plays the card of diversification by investing in different areas of mobile services. The Finnish manufacturer has announced the upcoming launch of Nokia Money, his first financial service for mobile devices.
Nokia Money will enable mobile users to manage their banking situation, 24 hours a day. This service will allow through a simple phone call or an SMS to transfer money to a person with only by providing its mobile phone number. Money Nokia will also provide a means of mobile payment to pay your purchases, paying bills or recharge your mobile account.

In this sense, Nokia has also set up a network of Nokia Money agents from which users of its service can deposit or withdraw cash from their mobile account

The head of the Development Branch at Nokia also affirmed that , With over 4 billion mobile users and only 1.6 billion bank accounts mobile financial services are offering market opportunities with potential long-term growth.
To operate, Money Nokia will rely on the platform developed by the American company Obopay, a specialist in mobile payments. Nokia invested in the capital of this start-up last March.
The first global mobile manufacturer Nokia , seems to have take advantage of the economic crisis that affects the market for mobile telephony to approach other complementary sectors.
The Finnish manufacturer has recently announced plans to invest this year the market of netbooks, with the launch of its 3G Booklet.
Nokia has also strengthened its position in the area of mobile content by launching, Ovi Store, an application that allows software downloads to Nokia phones, and the signing of a partnership with Microsoft to gather their capacities in the field of mobile business applications.

BloGitud Stories : An Advice For 2010 ?

2010 is just few days away , and it’s the most appropriate time to take some good resolutions .

The economic crisis has been one of the main things we will keep in mind from 2009 , but of course despite the all the bad effects that it  has left , a lot of new opportunities have been created, making 2010 a safe year to create a company .

But generally the main problem that start-ups face when they want to start is recruiting employees  , especially if they have to employ hundreds of people and pay them high salaries even if the company hasn’t made its first dollar of benefice and is betting on employees whose qualification is not proven .

So what’s the solution in this case? I personally think that Staff Leasing is the best solution for a starting company , as it gives them the opportunity to hire very qualified workers , without  hiring  them , as they remain working for the Staff Leasing Company .

So my best advice for 2010 would be , go ahead take the opportunities that the economic crisis has created , and contact PEO Companies in case you want to start a company and you want to hire qualified people , to at least avoid the problem of recruiting people  .

BloGitud : Samsumg N 510

Whether it’s an apple, a Sony , a Lenovo , or an Hp , laptops and especially netbooks have allowed us to reconcile between productivity and lightweight , few years before, who could have imagined that we’ll be able to work while we are on a trip or while having a dinner at a restaurant ?
Samsung can’t be considered as a leader in the world of laptops, but the new politic of the company is trying to upset trend by launching its new Ion doped N510.

In the very conformist world of Netbooks, the South Korean giant Samsung could draws its pin from the play by launching the N510, a machine equipped with some very innovative features and sold around $ 800.

This netbook is equipped with a very comfortable 11.6 inches screen ,very useful compared to the 10.2 screen proposed by most competing models. Most importantly, it will be equipped with the latest graphics platform Ion based Nvidia GeForce 9400M.

3D and HD

a great asset. This component will significantly boost the graphics performance of the machine, a point where netbooks are often found wanting. Thus, the 3D is supported which will allow video games to work easily .

Moreover, Ion will allow to play of video streaming in high definition, a good argument that shouldn’t not be neglected .

the N510 is also equipped with conventional components: a processor Atom N280, clocked at 1.66 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, a mechanical 160 GB hard drive and Windows XP. All for a light weight of 1.4 kilograms.

The unique netbook is also equipped with Bluetooth, 802.11n Wi-Fi, three USB 2.0 ports and a 3.1 card reader. Autonomy announced is 6 hours with a 6 cell battery.

BloGitud : Crunchpad

This article is mainly dedicated to all those who think that in terms of tablets , only apple can create something interesting, this article is a proof that you are wrong .
A start-up from Singapore will launch a tablet PC powered by Linux and this in partnership with Techcrunch. And this to face the offensives announced by Archos and Apple.

The growing market of Tablet PCs, including models from Apple and Archos will have a new player but this time with the advantage of being low cost.

According to the Singapore news magazine “The Straits Times” it’s in November that the local start-up Fusion Garage will submit the CrunchPad, developed in collaboration with the news site TechCrunch.
Very thin (18 mm thick) and lightweight (just over 1 kilo), this 12-inch tablet will be based on an NETBOOK architecture with an Intel Atom processor clocked at 1.6 GHz and 1 GB of memory . Its price has been announced in a range of 300 and 400 dollars. We doubt that Archos and Apple can do the same.

The CrunchPad work with a customized version of Linux and will be dedicated to Internet browsing connections with Wi-Fi and 3G on board, but also a system that starts directly from the browser.

However, it has no hard disk and will work only with programs hosted online.
A USB jack is also available , to connect a mouse and / or a keyboard for example.

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