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Yep it’s official the new versions of Word, Excel, Publisher and the others finally landed on the planet of Internet. At the Worldwide Partners Conference, Microsoft lifted a corner of the veil on its new office suite Web. Not only the flagship software of Office 2010 will be available in free and if we can say “light” versions on the Web, accessible by a Windows Live account, but also their client software versions will be optimized for online documents sharing , attacking directly competitors such as Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets.

On a website created for the occasion, Microsoft revealed the new Office 2010, with several demonstration videos, showing the power of its new babies .

Let’s talk about them a little bit and see what’s new .

Word 2010 have the same functions to create and optimize your text than its predecessors, but of course with some innovations such as the insertion of new available diagrams to enliven the text.

The “document map”, is a new menu that you will be able to see on the left of the main window and will help you navigate from section to section, or find a specific passage from your text through the search engine of the software.

Also through the same menu the user can delete an entire section of his paper or reorder it by simply dragging and dropping it.
The text can be created and posted online through the online storage Office Web application on Microsoft secure servers.

Thus, each document is accessible from any computer or mobile device and may be modified and be shared with other user .
Each person that has the authorization will be able to make changes to it . Once connected, the users can interact by instant messaging or e-mailing each other.

Developed on the same principles, Excel 2010 will benefit from new features. Among the most promising, “Slicer” that will helps you put in order tables based on the information you search .

For example If you want to know, the purchases of a customer on a quarterly balance sheet , Slicer automatically locates all products ordered and rebuilt a table.
A highly professional option ,that may be very useful to everyone .

New kid of the suite, OneNote 2010 will help you share ideas online, information gleaned from the Web (images, videos, maps). To organize them the user defines each category of documents by using tags and keywords .

Always on Office Web application, these notes can be shared online. Each person can add its own observations or by enriching other’s information. All what is added is indicated by color codes.

Finally, the most – webby- tool of the range, Outlook 2010, gets a new interface. you can now arrange the emails by conversation,and all people involved in these exchanges will be grouped together.

With the clean-up tool , Outlook will automatically clean up the thread of the conversation to keep only the most recent email from each contact
Everyone can create your custom shortcuts, the “quick steps” to automatically transmit a message to a list of persons defined, or automatically respond by proposing a meeting, etc..

Upon receipt of an application for appointment, the calendar opens automatically on the day and exact time so that the user can at a glance look at his availability.

As you have sure noticed, microsoft is launching some very interesting and unique features in this new version of its office suite , but to know more about it i invite you all to watch the following video :


All these products will be launched in first half of 2010. And till then we can only enjoy our old and beloved 2007 versions :)

BloGitud Stories : An idea for a gift .

Let me tell you about one of the most brilliant ideas that have ever come to my mind .
It’s Christmas , a time when you generally give gifts to all your relatives, but if you grew up in a big family , with four brothers , two sisters, and twelve cousins , and you have a huge number of friends , for sure it’s a little bit more difficult, to think about an original idea that will please the person to whom you will give the gift .

Okey I managed to find an original gift to all of my friends and relatives, but my original ideas were all used when I had to think about a gift for my eldest brother .
It took me twenty days to find the answer, but it’s really an original one, I noticed that his car was the center of his life , he can give his life for car, and his wife even considers it as her main competitor .

But his car was fully customized , which made it a bit more difficult , but as I’m a genius I could find the only thing that remained to be customized in his car , the floor mats.
So This will be my gift for him , a pair of aluminum floor mats , is he going to like them or not ? this is the question .

Hello world!

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BloGitud : The New Audi A8

Audi has recently unveiled the new generation of its luxury sedan the A8 .

With dimensions of 5.137 * 1.949* 1.460 and a wheelbase of 2.99 meters it’s clear that Audi is till a leader in the category of luxury sedans .

Like its predecessor, it uses the basic concept of the Audi Space Frame (ASF) equipped with an aluminum body, weighing about 40 percent less than a comparable steel .
The new Audi A8 offers a high-end finishing and a very luxurious and comfortable equipment. The A8 can on demand be equipped with individual electrically adjustable seats or even ventilated and massaging seats .

It’s also equipped with a multimedia interface touch pad (MMI ) that allows intuitive control of many functions of the car.

New technologies are emerging on the Audi A8 which features a wizard Night Vision with detection of people and animals, adaptive cruise control with Stop & Go and the security system Audi “first sense” that helps prevent accidents and lower their consequences. An indicator of speed limit is also equipping the A8.

The new Audi A8 will be launched with two engines. A 4.2 FSI of 372 hp and 4.2 TDI to 350 hp. Two 3.0 TDI engines of 204 hp and 3.0 TDI 250 hp will be added soon to the range of engines.

Audi Announces Joint consumption of 6.0 liters per 100 km on the 3.0 TDI of 204 hp and a CO2 emissions of 159 grams per km.

The A8 is equipped with a new eight-speed Tiptronic gearbox with tight layering. The control of the box is done electronically via the gear lever and this through the command “Shift-by-wire” or via shift paddles behind the wheel.

The quattro permanent AWD system on the A8 gives more to the couple on the rear axle on which 60% of the couple is allocated .

So what do you think about the new A8 ?

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